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To technology companies

At the moment, we can observe the strongest development and inflow of investments in the technology sector. Companies' shares set records for growth over a period of time. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Microsoft were the favorites in 2020. But investing is not enough, you need to know the right exit points, we have come a long way to understand. Our experience in the field of IT and investments allows us to exit the market in times of crisis without serious risks. We are focused on stable profits and our portfolio is an example of risk and devirification. We do not show huge interest on profits, we give a guaranteed percentage over time. We do not invest in companies with weak performance, or in countries with unstable economies. The volume of investments in this area is about 70%.

Promising startups and own projects

Our network of online projects is not limited to the cryptocurrency and technology sector only. Recently, our team has published a betting resource for CIS citizens. In 2020, the betting industry is going through hard times due to the pandemic, but nevertheless, virtual sports and e-sports remain relevant internal directions. In 4 years we have opened 11 online projects for users from Asia, Europe and Russia. And our own Affiliate platform for working with partners ensures a constant influx of new clients. Our experience in online business will allow you to receive interest without the risk of losing funds. More than 200 online casinos around the world operate on our proprietary platform. The volume of investments in this area is about 15%.

Exchange and purchase of promising cryptocurrencies

We all know that there is no maximum stable business. But our work in several directions allows us to reduce the risks of deficit to zero. By exchanging fiat money and cryptocurrencies at our own rates, we keep the overall profitability in a balanced state, regardless of external factors. In addition, when making a deposit, you can use the services of our exchangers. The volume of investments in this area is about 15%.

The result of our work in numbers

Payments to investors from 2015 to 2020 as a percentage


1 month:
6 monthes:
1 year:

Benefits of investing with Azimut Group


Stable payouts

Investing in Azimut Group's internal projects will allow you to consistently receive up to 27% per annum. The low percentage is due to low risk factors, our offer is a solution for those who want to invest money for a long time without the risk of loss of funds.


Investments with any amount

You can start your investment path with a small amount, from $ 3. Also note that you can withdraw and replenish your deposits at any time, and interest is accrued at the end of investment periods (from 1 month).


Capitalization for long-term deposits

For customers who have chosen an investment plan for 1 year, we offer interest capitalization. When the time comes for the final payment of the deposit, the amount is accrued taking into account capitalization.

Calculate how much you can earn with us

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Investment term
1 year
6 monthes
1 month
Investment amount
180 000
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In percents
12 %


What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit in our investment project is 3 USD.
The maximum deposit amount is not limited.

How to start investing?

First you need to go through the registration procedure. Then just open and replenish the deposit. At the end of the deposit period, funds will automatically be credited to your balance (as part of the tariff).
Also note that at any time you can withdraw and replenish funds, but always remember that % is calculated daily, because of which the total amount may change.

What deposits methods are available?

Our investment company supports many directions of input and output, from bank cards to cryptocurrencies. The only negative that you may encounter is the commission of payment aggregators.
To avoid this situation, we provide all customers with the possibility of replenishment with the lowest commission through our exchange sites (this applies only to electronic wallets and deposits from bank cards).

Is profit taxable?

Not. All investments are tax deductible. The only thing is that the commission applies to all deposits, but in the question above we told how to avoid it.

Как мне понять что вы не хайп?

Инвесторам мы предоставляем всю информацию по инвестициям. А так-же проектам в которые мы собираемся вкладывать, либо стартапы которые планируем развивать в будущее время. Подробную информацию вы можете узнать в чате Тех. поддержке, мы без труда покажем наши онлайн проекты.
Крупные инвесторы получают возможность принимать участие в принятии решений.


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