KYC and AML policy

In order to protect the funds of our customers and ensure compliance with international standards, Azimuth Software Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) works exclusively in accordance with the law on combating the laundering of money obtained by criminal means and combating the financing of terrorism and criminal activity. Thus, we created the KYC and AML policy.

To monitor compliance with legal requirements, the Company created the Compliance department, which develops Anti-money laundering and Know your customer (AML / KYC) procedures, which are mandatory for all employees of the Company and determine the policy of interaction with persons who enter into an Agreement with the Company and become such manner, by the customers of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Clients of the Company”).

Compliance Department is called upon to ensure that the Company’s activities comply with international anti-money laundering standards and that all documents submitted by customers are relevant and comply with legal requirements. In this regard, by concluding an Agreement with the Company, the Client fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this policy, agrees with the following rules and agrees to abide by them:

  1. The company is developing a list of documents, the provision of which by the Client is mandatory in order to verify the identity, namely

For individuals:

A color copy of the passport (first, second page with photographs, as well as a page with registration information) or a color copy of the document that is appropriate to confirm the identity of the Client in accordance with the laws of the country of which the Client is a resident.

At the request of the Company, additional documents may be provided – a copy of the driver’s license, receipt of payment for services (to confirm the Client’s place of residence). The verification process also includes the obligatory confirmation by the Client of his phone number.

Verification Block — KYC and AML policy

Verification is carried out in the personal account of the Company on the website

To get full access to all the features and services you need to provide a clear color copy of the first page of your current national passport, as well as confirm the place of residence indicated in the personal data of the Personal Account. The following documents can be accepted as confirming documents of the place of residence: a scanned copy of the registration page of your passport, a copy of the utility bill or telephone service, a certificate from the passport office, an extract from the bank account, any receipts for payment for services, which must contain a first and last name and full address of residence. * Scanned copies of these documents can be sent in jpg, jpeg, pdf format.

Deposits and withdrawals from the Client’s account are allowed only after the Client has passed verification on the basis of the appropriate documents provided and the completed questionnaire. The withdrawal of funds is carried out only on payment data belonging to the person identified as the Client of the Company (owner of the Personal Account). Withdrawal of funds to third parties is prohibited. Internal transfers between Company customers are also prohibited.

The Company undertakes and has the right, without obtaining the prior consent of the Client, to exchange with financial institutions and law enforcement authorities any information about the Client, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, and the Client gives the Company its consent to these actions. In order to comply with this section (of a law), the Company stores any information about the payment transactions of the Client for at least three years.

The client assumes the obligation to comply with legal standards, including international ones, aimed at combating illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and legalization of funds received illegally;

The Client agrees to make every effort to exclude direct or indirect aiding of illegal financial activities and any other illegal operations using the site of the Azimuth Software Ltd.

The client guarantees legal origin, legal ownership and the right to use the funds transferred by him to the accounts.

In the event that suspicious transactions, money transfers from unreliable sources (for example, the data of the sender of the funds and the owner of the trading account do not match) and / or any actions with signs of fraud (including any refunds or cancellations) are detected on the Client’s account, the Company reserves the right to conduct internal investigation, block or close the Client’s account, cancel any payments made and suspend operations on the account until the end of the internal investigation. When making a decision, the Company is guided by the provisions of applicable law or established practice.

The Company has the right to request additional data about the Client if the withdrawal method is different from the input method. The company also reserves the right to block the client’s account for the duration of the investigation, in case the client refused to provide additional information requested by the Company.

During the investigation, the Company has the right to request from the Client copies of additional documents confirming the identity of the Client, as well as copies of bank cards used to replenish the account, payment documents, as well as other documents confirming the legal possession and legal origin of funds. If the client provides copies of documents, the Company has the right to require the provision of original documents for review.

The Company will especially carefully examine Customers identified by applicable law as being in high-risk countries.

The refusal of the Company to conduct operations that are suspicious from the Company’s point of view (including blocking or closing the Client’s account) does not constitute grounds for the civil liability of the Company for failure to fulfill obligations to the Client.

The Company is not obligated to inform the Clients and other persons about the measures taken to counter the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism, except for informing the Clients about the suspension of the operation, the refusal to fulfill the Client’s order to complete operations, the refusal to open an account, about the need for the Client to provide documents.


Strict verification procedures have been developed to prevent the use of stolen credentials on the platform.

In order to pass an identity check, the user must provide personal information, address of residence and upload images of documents confirming the information provided. Typically, a driver’s license, passport or identity card is provided for this purpose. To confirm the address of residence, you must also provide a document confirming the place of residence.

Information provided by the user is carefully checked both automatically and manually to verify the authenticity of the documents.


The company’s AML policy was designed to prevent money laundering on the platform.

AML Compliance employee monitor transactional activity to track suspicious deposit and accrual activity.

All transactions on the platform are also automatically analyzed by AML for suspicious signs. If a transaction or user action is suspicious, the case is investigated by a specially trained AML Compliance employee. AML officer have the right to suspend transactional and trading activities for the duration of the investigation.

User data is used in accordance with privacy policies and user agreement.

This anti-money laundering policy is an integral part of the user agreement.

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