Getting started Azimut Finance – simple investments to 27% per annum

Dear friends, guests and users of our site!

We inform you that today, 06/29/2020, we launched the Azimut Finance website, a subsidiary of the Azimut Gambling Group.

What is an investment project Azimut Finance

Azimuth Investment Platform is a simple system for investing in our own network of Gambling, Betting and Exchange sites.

All our products are successfully operated by people from different countries: from China to Austria. The number of clients of our services exceeds the mark of 10,000 people.

We tried to create the simplest possible investment: you just need to go through the registration procedure, read the agreement, replenish the account and wait for the end of the investment plan.

What is our profit?

All customer funds are used by our team to explore new areas of the gambling industry. But do not be in a hurry to get scared – let’s explain with real examples how this works:

  1. The Azimut Finance platform receives investment funds from users and agrees to return them after the deadline set in the tariff package;
  2. We are starting to use the assets for their intended purpose: mastering new niches (virtual sports, VR live casino games), improving standard strategies (affiliate marketing, B2B platforms for betting and gambling) and maintaining stable main projects (purchasing at current cryptocurrency rates in our online exchange centers, example – BTC).
  3. Reporting phase. We get superprofits, and the client – our own 24-27% per annum (or 2% per month, 13% semi-annual).


The appearance of the profile in your account

Appearance of a profile in Azimut Finance personal account


How to get acquainted with Azimut Finance subsidiaries?

A complete list of our services is available upon request in online support or by email.


Whether or not to invest in our platform is up to you. We do not limit the entry of customers in any way: we do not have minimum threshold amounts for using the platform, complex verification or prohibitions on investing from certain jurisdictions.

But, having entered into a partnership with Azimut, you will not regret it!