Investing in a crisis – a side view

The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the operation of casinos and betting shops around the world. However, even in this situation, there are advantages. In this article, we will look at investing in a crisis.

A big blow came at the ground points of the casino and betting. Around the world, many establishments were temporarily and permanently closed. For example, in Primorye for more than a month the gambling house Tigre de Cristal has not been functioning. In Nevada, by order of the governor, all the largest hotels and casinos were closed. Bookmakers are not at all in the best position, because all sports events have closed.


Coronavirus and Macau Casino

In Macau, all land-based casinos closed for 2 weeks. The press reports that company losses amounted to billions of US dollars.


Online gambling, on the contrary, is gaining popularity. From open sources of search engines Yandex and Google it is known that in the world there is a tendency to increase requests related to online gambling entertainment.

Investing in a crisis: is it worth investing?

Our answer is worth it. Many players in the near future after quarantine will not be able to visit ground facilities due to a number of restrictions. Because of this, online sites will receive peak traffic.

During this period, it is important to collect and retain as many potential users as possible. Our Azimut Finance team uses various strategies to attract and maintain traffic. Launched a marketing company on social networks, improved conditions for affiliate partners, opened and processed online casinos, sports betting projects and electronic currency exchangers.

Each guest of the Azimuth website can familiarize themselves with the profit chart for the last 5 years, and these numbers are growing in progression.

Having received enough funds to develop new markets and strategies, Azimut Finance will increase the investment portfolio of its investors without any problems.