TOP 5 investors misconceptions about the gambling industry. Part 1 – online casino investment.

Dear friends, guests and customers. In this section, we will consider the popular misconceptions of investors, and of any other users, regarding the gambling sphere. The purpose of the article is to debunk myths that are very common in this direction. We will consider today online casino investment.

1. Investing in an online casino is an illegal business.

This statement is popular in the CIS countries, since gambling in the territory of these countries is prohibited (or is strictly regulated at the legislative level). But let’s take a closer look at the situation. As we have already reported above, gambling establishments are prohibited in these states, but only if they are located within the country.

This means that if the online casino is located in a different jurisdiction (for example, Curacao) and in your own language, then formally it does not violate anything. The final choice is up to the player.

This is how all online casinos in banned countries function. In addition, there is no ban on virtual casino gaming in most of these countries.

We work in the same way – all our projects are based only in the jurisdictions allowed for this: Malta, Curacao, the Netherlands.

2. It’s unrealistic to win in the casino, so they are not interesting to anyone

No, it is not. We consider these two statements separately.

When playing in a licensed casino (be sure to check the license!) You must understand that this institution has passed a multi-stage test in a certain jurisdiction. All slot machines, live games, bets – all this is controlled by supervisory authorities. Slots always have a digital number system RNG (Random Number Generator), which randomly generates a sequence of combinations on the screen. You can read more about this system on the website of the certification company ITech.

An important point is the price of licenses. It is difficult to obtain and easy to lose due to the wrong actions of the owners of online casinos. The cost of licensing varies from jurisdiction and starts from $ 10,000 – $ 500,000.


Online casino winnings

Winning a Russian-language streamer in an online casino. Amount ~ 126.000 USD.



The second statement is that casinos are of no interest to anyone. Let’s look at a small table on the gross turnover of online gambling in the world.


2012 2014 2018 2019
$28,22 billion $56,30 billion $47,93 billion $60,74 billion


In Russia, gambling zones bring annually (to the tax budget) from 100 to 400 million rubles.

As you can see, interest in the gambling sector is growing and growing.

3. Will a casino go bankrupt if a player wins large sums?

This sometimes happens with ineffective management. But there are several ways that will allow you to strike a balance between profit and the cost of paying the winnings. We list some of them:

  1. Hold only joint tournaments with manufacturers. Many game developers (NetEnt, Quickspin, Playson, etc.) hold tournaments and play jackpots among their slots. The most interesting thing is that the game studio also makes payments to players. This is done in order to increase interest in individual games or manufacturers;
  2. Strategic management. Limiting maximum bets, verification, limits on withdrawn amounts, management to receive only profit – each of these points is the key to cutting off “bonus hunters”, maintaining infrastructure in working condition and protecting against casino bankruptcy;
  3. Have a reserve fund on hand. It is always necessary to keep spare funds for such circumstances. The whole gambling business rests on a negative mathematical expectation, but do not forget about the large “drifts” of players. At Azimut Finance, we also have Betting and exchange projects, which is why we do not allow non-payment to players.


4. There are no guarantees in these investments.

You should always understand that investing in online casinos is a high risk. We suggest reducing this risk to a minimum in several ways.

The first is the conclusion of a contract. When registering, each user agrees to accept the agreement with our rules. They specify in detail for how long and for what fixed percentage the Azimut platform accepts funds. In case of force majeure, we will refund the deposit taking into account the commission of the payment system.

The second – there is no promise of high interest. Our maximum is 27% per annum, taking into account a deposit for a period of at least 1 year. These profitability indicators are unchanged and guaranteed, in contrast to thousands of% in MLM networks.

The third is diversification. We are developing in three areas that are not connected in any way. If one project is at a loss, then there is a surplus on others. Our affiliated brands are publicly available and available through our contacts.


5. It’s too hard to understand.

It is difficult if you invest directly in stocks of companies or in individual enterprises. We concentrated on the methodology of “simple investments”. To create an account, you must replenish the account and wait for the end of the deposit term for payment.

In this case, no one will limit the funds on the balance: they can be withdrawn, add a new amount to them, close the account permanently or transfer to other tariff plans. And to open a deposit in our platform you will need at least 100 rubles.