Privacy policy

Basic information

Azimut Finance (hereinafter: Azimut, “we” and “ours”) has put a priority on protecting the privacy of our users. In this regard, each user of the site must read our privacy policy.

This privacy policy, as well as the Terms of Use, govern our rights to collect, process and use the personal data of users.

By “Personal Information” we mean information that identifies the user personally – for example, name, address, email address, payment information and other personal data.

The purpose of these Azimut Privacy Policy rules is to communicate:

  1. What is Azimut and how you can contact us;
  2. What personal data can we collect about you? Reasons for the collection of this information, methods of its use, rules and periods of storage;
  3. How we use information about ip-addresses and cookies;
  4. Information on the disclosure of personal information to third parties;
  5. Your access rights, updates, corrections, restrictions on use, requests for the transfer and / or deletion of your personal information;
  6. Degree of automated decision making and profiling using users personal information;
  7. The security measures we take to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration of your personal information under our control and your right to file complaints.

What is Azimut?

Azimut Finance is a company incorporated in the Republic of Malta. The company is registered under the number: No. C54986. Azimuth Software LTD (parent company) was established on January 11, 2012 as an IT company. (link to the registrar:

Azimut Finance is a subsidiary project (department) and offers to invest in gambling projects of its own design.

Collection and use of personal information

We can collect your personal information if you use Azimut services and have registered your own account in the personal account of the company in order to become an investor. This is defined as collecting information to provide services.

We may collect personal information such as:

  • Your name;
  • Your photo;
  • The data of your identification documents (for example, passport or driver’s license) – document number, date of issue, expiration date, photo, address and so on;
  • Your address;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your ip address, browser and operating system information;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your transactions.

We process your personal information only for the purpose of providing you with the services that you ask us to provide you, as well as for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations arising from regulatory obligations that must be observed to provide you with services.

We may use your personal information:

  • To allow you to open an account in your personal account;
  • To provide you with opportunities to make investments and receive deposit accruals;
  • If you contacted us with a question to restore access to your personal account and Payments;
  • To analyze the use of our Site by users;
  • To comply with regulatory requirements, including tax payments, money laundering and fraud prevention, to comply with the obligation of static reporting, and so on;
  • In order to provide you with information about our investment rates, promotions that may interest you, from ourselves, as well as from third parties, provided that you have agreed to receive such information;
  • In order to study the needs of our customers, to collect opinions on issues of our effectiveness and so on. If you do not agree, then your data for this purpose will be anonymized.

IP addresses

We may collect information about your computer, including your available IP address, operating system and browser type, in order to administer the system and communicate aggregated information to our advertisers. These are statistics about the actions and behavior of our users, they will not be used to identify a specific person.


We use a browser function known as a cookie that gives your computer a unique identity. Cookies are usually stored on your computer’s hard drive. The information collected from cookies is used by us to evaluate the effectiveness of our Site, analyze trends and to administer the Platform. The information collected by us from cookies allows us to determine which sections of our website are most visited, what difficulties our visitors have in accessing our website. Thanks to this knowledge, we can improve the quality of your experience working with the platform, find out what functions and information that users want to access, and also learn about access problems and fix them.

We also use cookies and / or technology known as web bugs or clear gifs, which are commonly used in emails to help us confirm that you have received our notification.

We use third-party service providers to help us better understand how to use our Site more efficiently. Our service providers place cookies on your computer’s hard drive and use them to receive information we have selected about how our visitors navigate our site, which sections and products they view, and general information about their transactions on our platform. Our service providers analyze this information and provide us with summary reports. The information and analysis provided by our service providers is used to help us better understand the interests of visitors to our Site and how to improve the service of these interests. The information collected by our service providers may be related to the information we collect about you when you use the Platform.

By using our site, you agree that we may use cookies for the purposes indicated above.

The Company will keep records of all transfers of Personal Information to third parties, and this information, when possible, may be provided to you.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We use personal information for the purposes indicated at the time you provided such information, and / or otherwise for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy and / or in other cases permitted by law.

We may provide the Personal Information that you provide to us, our affiliates, agents, representatives, trusted service providers and contractors for these limited purposes, with your explicit consent or for the provision of the service you requested.

We may also share Users personal information with financial institutions, insurance companies or other companies in the event of a merger, division or other corporate reorganization and notify you of the sharing of your information in order to be able to exercise any of your rights where applicable.

We may also share Users personal information with law enforcement or regulatory authorities if required by law. We will not be able to inform you of such data sharing due to legal restrictions.

Any third parties who receive access to Users’s Personal Information from us will be obligated to protect such Personal Information and use it only to provide services to you or Azimut, unless otherwise required or permitted by law. Such third parties, with the exception of regulatory bodies, will be required by the contract to adhere to the same security and confidentiality policies as Azimut, and will perform the same duties as Azimut.

The lawful exercise of any of your rights also involves notification of all third parties to whom Azimut has granted access to your personal information.

We guarantee that any such third parties are aware of their obligations under this Privacy Policy, and when we enter into contracts with such third parties, they are bound by the terms that protect any personal information disclosed to them and accept obligations to us and you, by our users, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or which are imposed on them in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Your rights

You have the right to access your Personal Information and request correction, updating and blocking of inaccurate and / or incorrect data by sending us an email at or you can perform these actions on your account profile yourself.

Upon your written request to, we will inform you what personal information we hold about you, as well as its use and disclosure. We will also provide you with a copy of your personal information that we store. You may need to provide a minimum fee for providing additional copies of your personal information to cover administrative expenses.

You can also request the deletion or destruction of your account and personal information by sending us an email at: Azimut will promptly fulfill your request, unless it conflicts with our legal and regulatory obligations.

You can also ask us to transfer your personal information to another holder of your choice.

In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information for ourselves, we may ask you to confirm your identity by providing identification documents and / or using other identification methods before providing you any services or providing any information.

If you refuse to confirm your identity, we have the right to refuse any actions regarding your data, with the exception of processing restrictions, until you provide evidence that these actions are the true desire of the data subject.

When providing our services, we can use automatic processing and profiling to reduce the risks of fraud, money laundering and abuse of our services. Thanks to this automated processing, we analyze your identity, transactional and behavioral patterns.

We will not be able to provide you with some or all of our services if you do not want this automatic processing to be performed. If you believe that this processing could harm you, we can provide you with additional information about it if you contact us at


We have implemented technical and organizational security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and protect your personal information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

Only authorized Azimut personnel have access to your Personal Information, and these employees are required to treat this information as confidential.

In cases where you have agreed to the transfer of information, or we are obliged to transfer Personal Information to third parties to provide you with the requested service or to fulfill a regulatory or legal obligation, we will ask that the same levels of technical and organizational security measures, if possible, be applied and further according to contractual agreements.

Technical and organizational security measures will be revised from time to time in accordance with legal and technical changes.

In case of violation of personal data or refusal to protect such information, we will immediately notify you of this without undue delay.

Third party sources

Our site may contain links to other sites and resources provided by third parties. This Privacy Policy applies only to our site. To access third-party sites or sources, you must leave our site:

We do not control these third-party sites or the content contained on them, and you agree that we are in no way responsible for any of these third-party sites, including but not limited to their content, policies, crashes, promotions, products, services or actions and / or causing any loss or problems associated with or caused by these sites. We encourage you to review the policies, rules, terms and conditions, including the privacy policy, of each site you visit.

Saving personal information

Your information is stored on our servers located within the (Netherlands) European Union. Access to this information is provided to Azimut employees, whose offices may be located outside the European Union, but who adhere to the same principles of data security and processes that exist within the European Union.

Information about the payment method that you can use to make or receive payments from Azimut is transferred to a third-party payment operator with which Azimut has a contractual agreement to protect your rights. If you do not create an account with us and do not make transactions, we do not save your information on the payment method.

We will store your Personal Information only as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and our own legal and regulatory requirements.

In accordance with the record keeping activities regarding anti-money laundering and tax evasion obligations, we retain Accounts and personal information for at least three years after the user closes his account with us.

Data stored for regulatory purposes only will be protected from unnecessary processing and will only be provided for the purpose of providing information or access to relevant authorities.

Delete personal information

If we do not have any obligations to provide you with the requested service or obligations to store personal information for regulatory or legal purposes, we will anonymously dispose of your personal information in accordance with industry standards for security so that data cannot be subsequently restored and linked to you.

If we cannot directly delete such records, for example, since they are stored in archive backups, we will retain access to where personal information should be deleted in order to delete them when restoring data using backup.


We will ask you for your consent to register or, giving you the opportunity to mark marketing preferences on the profile page of your account in the personal account of Azimut, so that we can contact you or use your personal information for marketing purposes.

You have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal information for marketing purposes. You can exercise your right to prevent such processing by unchecking the marketing settings in your account profile or by contacting us at any time at

Up-to-date information on promotions, changes, progress, and development of Azimut, you can find by e-mail, and through official communication channels (social networks)

List of official social networks:

  1. VK:
  2. Instagram:
  3. Telegram:

Our data protection officer

Our data protection officer is the person responsible for ensuring that our company complies with this privacy policy. This person is also the main contact for our data protection supervisor, the Office of the Information Commissioner. The data protection officer can be contacted at:


The policy, content, information, promotions, information disclosure, disclaimer and site features may be reviewed, changed, updated and / or supplemented at any time and without prior notice at the discretion of Azimut. If we change this Privacy Policy, we will take measures to notify all users with notifications on our Site and amendments to the Privacy Policy on our Site.

If we see that your rights may change, we will ask you to confirm the adoption of the new rules by e-mail or by notification in the personal account of Azimut before continuing our relationship with you.

The latest version of the Privacy Policy was released on June 28, 2020.

Fraud, phishing

Please be informed that Azimut does not maintain partnerships with organizations that represent themselves as customer support agents, providing customer support services by phone and / or social networks and promising to help solve your problems for money. Remember: customer support is only available through and is always free.

If you find fraud or phishing on behalf of Azimut, write to us at

To contact us

If you have any questions or comments that are not related to our Privacy Policy and / or the practice of its application, but related to the work of the Platform, please contact us using these data:

Correspondence address: 215/1 Old Bakery st., Valletta, VLT1451, Malta

Company Name: Azimuth Software LTD



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