Refund Policy


Azimut Finance guarantees any of its customers the right to a refund (according to refund policy) if such a client is not satisfied with the service.

In addition, Azimut Finance declares that its customer has the right to change his mind even if a user account has already been created and funded, and demand a refund of his / her funds.

In any case, upon withdrawing the deposit, the client agrees to pay a penalty in the amount of certain percent (from 2 to 10) of the total amount of return. These funds are spent by Azimut Finance to repay the commission of the payment system selected by the client.

Each return or refund is handled by Azimut Finance with reasonable care and effort.


This refund policy applies exclusively to deposits and accruals to the account.

Azimut Finance is committed to making every effort to help customers in the event of a dispute related to the return of deposits.

Refunds and refunds in excess of the original amount are prohibited!


Banking day: a business day during which the bank’s office is open to the public to perform almost all banking functions.

Working day: means every official working day of the week in the Republic of Malta.

Refund: means the return of money to the client by his / her issuing bank due to a disputed and / or fraudulent transaction.

Compliance criteria: means a set of requirements that must be met in order to return or refund.

Financing: (also referred to on the Platform as the “Deposit”): means transferring a certain amount of money to the User’s Account using a Payment card or bank transfer, or other means of payment.

Return form: means the Azimut Finance form filled out by the client who requested a refund.

Funds: means a certain amount of cash funds transferred and collected on the Client’s account.

Issuing Bank: means the bank that issued the payment card for the customer and made him the card holder.

Refund Form: means that the Azimut Finance form must be filled out by the client who requested the refund.

Refund: means the refund of the full amount of the deposit paid by the client for investment.

Return of the initial amount: means the exact amount of the client’s money accumulated on his / her Account.

Refund: means the return of the user’s funds by transferring to his / her account.

Transaction Commission: means any commission charged by the bank / financial institution in processing a valid return request.

All other terms and definitions in this Return Policy are used in the same meaning as in the Terms of Use.

General terms

The client who made a deposit in the Azimut Finance platform and made a deposit, i.e. who has funded his account may request a Refund or Refund in accordance with the Criteria, as further outlined herein.

Refunds / refunds will only be considered if the user fully meets the criteria according to which he is entitled to a refund. If the User does not comply with any of the Criteria of Compliance, Azimut Finance has the right, at its discretion, to reject the User’s request for a refund / refund.

To apply for a Refund / Refund, the User must request and fill out a Refund / Refund Form and send the completed form to the Azimut Finance support address.

You can receive a return / refund form upon request directed to

To prevent Prohibited Behavior, all payments and information related to a refund / refund can be verified by Azimut Finance. In this case, Azimut Finance may require the User to provide certain documents, including, but not limited to, identification documents, a copy of the Payment card or any other evidence that the requested payment will be made to the current account holder of the personal account. If the User fails to provide the relevant documents or information within three (3) days after the request by Azimut Finance, or in case of doubt about the authenticity of the submitted documents, Azimut Finance has the right to reject the User’s request for a refund / refund while notifying the client by e -mail.

Azimut Finance should process the return / refund form as soon as practicable. The response time will vary depending on the stated reasons for the request. In any case, Azimut Finance must notify the User of the results of the request in accordance with the terms set here.

A refund / refund request will only be approved or rejected after a thorough review by Azimut Finance.

NOTE. Providing a return form / refund form does not guarantee that the user’s request will be satisfied.

Compensation eligibility criteria

All refund requests will be accepted only if Azimut Finance receives a notification no later than forty-eight (48) hours after the Transaction.

The notice referred to in section (of a law) (I) above must be provided by Azimut Finance by filling out a Refund Form.

The completed refund form must be sent to the email address: with a “refund request” in the subject line of the letter.

Return procedure compliance criteria

All refund requests must be submitted by Azimut Finance by filling out a Return Form.

The completed return form must be sent to the email address with the “return request” in the subject line.

Azimut Finance provides Refunds / Refunds using the same payment methods that the User used to complete the transaction, unless the User requested a refund / refund in another way.

Processing time

Within five (5) business days from the date of receipt of the Return / Refund Form, Azimut Finance must contact the User to request additional information (if required), and the User must provide such information as soon as possible, but in any case no later than fourteen (14) days after requesting Azimut Finance.

Azimut Finance notifies the customer by email of its final decision regarding the return / refund:

  • within three (3) business days after receiving the last requested additional document or information;
  • within five (5) business days after receiving the return form / refund form, if additional information or a document is not required.

The refund / refund will be processed without undue delay and in any case within five (5) days, starting from the day when Azimut Finance determines that the client is entitled to a refund / refund.

The user will not receive a refund / refund if:

When requesting Azimut Finance, the client will not be able to provide Azimut Finance with information and / or document (s) in accordance with the conditions established by this document.

If Azimut Finance suspects that the client is engaged in or is involved in, or in any way has previously participated in, fraudulent or illegal activities, including prohibited conduct.

There is no reason to return / refund.

NOTE. Azimut Finance reserves the right to block the client’s funds during the return / refund investigation, which means that the funds may not be available during such an investigation.


The user must contact Azimut Finance using the contact information of Azimut Finance in order to solve any problem related to his / her payments before the client makes any request for a refund. This section does not affect any rights and / or claims that the client may present to the bank / financial institution.

Azimut Finance will investigate any requests for a refund made by the client and in response will inform the issuing bank of the user whether any service or transaction has been canceled.

Azimut Finance reserves the right to suspend the client’s account and block the user’s funds during the refund investigation process.

Other information about refund policy

Any costs arising from the processing of the Return / Refund are borne solely by the client. Such fees will be deducted from the final refund / refund amount.

This return policy will change from time to time when any changes in the law occur. The terms and conditions of the Refund Policy are subject to change by Azimut Finance, and in the event of any changes, Azimut Finance will make an announcement. Changes will take effect upon notice to Azimut Finance.

If the client does not wish to accept the revised Return and Refund Policy, he / she should not continue to use the Azimut Finance Services. If the client continues to use the Services after the effective date of the change, his use of the Services will be carried out in accordance with the Return and Refund Policy.

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